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Boo Armstrong
Boo got us rolling with our first well-paid performance at the 2010 Lord Mayor's Show, for the Prince of Wales College of Medicine. Her oceanic presence is a constant source of encouragement.
Richard Selim Sleeman
Born into a family of artists and designers, Richard Selim is a an artist/artisan who combines an intimate knowledge of construction and materials with a lifelong commitment to enablement, beginning in 1972 as an art therapist in the large Victorian Glenside psychiatric hospital. His foremost creation in London is the Sarastro restaurant; described by Rebecca Hossack, gallerist and Australian cultural attache, as "A milestone in world art".
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Bettina Fernandez-Sleeman
founder Member
Bettina is an artist and performer whose work combines a wide range of disciplines; the plastic and performing arts and the culture of enablement and inclusion.
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Sian Vassey
Founder Member
Ex-offender Sian Vasey OBE is a trailblazer in enablement and inclusion from her early days with London Disability Arts Forum (LDAF). She is a founder member and veteran performer with Paracarnival
Glenna Archibald
Communications/Carnival Queen
Glenna's motto is, "if anyone can, Glenna can. Optimise to perfection. Job's taken" - and she has proved this to be true time and time again. As a long-standing member and performer of Paracarnival, Glenna's unique style has enhanced and enriched both dance instruction and public relations.
Corrine Downey-Lamoreux
Creative Director
1-1 Enablement and Creative Director
Mark Crouch
Rachel Southern
Drama And Physical Theatre
Dawn Wilkinson
Founder Member

 Dawn Wilkinson is an actress and writer, known for Crime Team (2002),  Mysterious Mind(2013) and Circumstances (2008).  Taught by playwright, Leo Butler, Dawn is a graduate of the Royal court Young Writers Programme.  Dawn is a Passista and Destaque dancer with Paraiso School of Samba in London, England.  As a 1-1 enabler, performer and muse for the school she .........

Acting Profile
Corrine Downey-Lamourex
1-1 enablement and Creative Director
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