Our Method

St Clemments hospital - Singing Workshop 2013
Enviromental Therapies

Our method correlates and deploys a broad spectrum of traditional/conventional, complimentary and innovative therapies.
Much of our activity takes place under the acoustic dome of the Perle Opera House, set within the Nomadic Community Gardens a true oasis in the heart of the city.

Carnival Performance 

“we give them chaos tied up with a big beautiful bow” the experience of carnival is like no other, administering a powerful and unambiguous effect on the ontological, psychological and sociological reality of both participants and vast audience – “The best day of my life” quoted by many Paracarnivalistas over the years.


Combining music, drama, art and occupational therapies with gardening and construction therapy

Cognitive and Psychological
Semi-structured and occurring naturally as a result of friendship and group endeavour, including group Therapy, listening, awareness, mentoring, meditation, contemplation, conversation, story telling, co-counselling and mindfulness.


Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts , Physiotherapy and food as Medicine

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